About Us - Concierge VIP Mykonos - Exclusive VIP Services

Concierge VIP Mykonos is an unrivaled luxury concierge service and a locally trusted partner in Mykonos. We are an organization of resident and international experts in Myconian real estate, hospitality, rentals and entertainment. Our clients trust in our ability to fulfill their dream holidays. We stand out because we provide clients with access to highly demanded events and first-class entertainment.

Business travel and accommodation requests are also arranged through our company. Entrepreneurs and executives require timely travel arrangements and exquisite accommodations that embrace the perks of the island. Similarly, our business services include the setup and organization of conferences, seminars, meetings and team building activities. Our objective is to bring our business clients a step closer to greater success.

Concierge VIP Mykonos offers its clients all-inclusive experiences of the finest quality service embodying our key philosophy towards a secure, pleasant and memorable holiday throughout their entire stay in Mykonos. Our company is strongly defined by three values.


Creativity. Over the years, our efforts and commitment in providing unique services have left our clients euphoric and energized. Examples of some of our most notable projects and special services can be found on the site. We look forward to undertaking the greatest of challenges so we encourage you to send us a unique request at your disposal. 

Resourcefulness. As native residents of Mykonos we thrive on our local resourcefulness on the island and in Greece. We pride ourselves on our excellent relations with nearly all establishments in Mykonos. Additionally, our professional network extends to 6 continents and is primarily comprised of companies that are highly competent in their respective industries. We would love to hear your ideas and proposals for the development of your businesses internationally.  

Professionalism. As apparent as this one may seem, professionalism is actually a rarity among many concierge companies worldwide. The entire staff of Concierge VIP Mykonos has been trained to upkeep the highest quality of concierge services. We are setting new professional standards of providing exceptional service because we believe that concierge companies providing negligible service will be overlooked. Our approach is simply to provide a highly professional, courteous, considerate and well-organized service. 

We are excited to introduce you to our Newest Concierge Services